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This document establishes the General Terms of Use for all websites belonging to Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L., as well as Club Mycook and computer software included within its own products and that specifically for mobile telephones (henceforth “applications”).

Access and use of the aforementioned applications shall be subject to the reading and acceptance of the terms and conditions established in this document.

Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. may modify these Terms of Use and the new terms shall be applicable at the time of publication. The new terms of use shall be deemed as accepted upon accessing and using the applications following the publication of the new terms of use.


Access to the applications is free and open, although in certain cases and for access to certain services you may be required to register as a user.

During the registration process, a password and a username will be created, whose confidentiality is your sole and exclusive responsibility as well as the actions that may be executed through its use. In case of malicious or fraudulent use of your password, username or email, please contact Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. through the email or telephones indicated in this document.

Certain specific services may be paid, which will be clearly stated and for its use it will be necessary to accept the corresponding general sale conditions.

Access, content and responsibility

Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. does its best to keep the applications accessible always, however, maintenance work or other circumstances may cause minor interruptions to the service.

The contents (including text, sounds, images and graphics) included in the application are disseminated for informational purposes only, for personal and non-commercial use and in their current state. Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. does not provide any guarantee on the content of such and cannot guarantee that it is correct, complete, accurate, free of viruses or similar or that it meets with the needs and/or expectations of the User.

Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. is not responsible for any direct or indirect consequences resulting from the access or use of the application and its contents or the inability to access or use such.

Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. is not responsible for the contents of websites pertaining to third parties to which a connection has been made via a hyperlink or link. Connection or access to, as well as the actual use of contents of third party websites, shall be governed by the terms of use established therein and in any event, everything related to these shall be the responsibility of their owners and users.

The User undertakes to make good use of the services which may be provided through this application, its contents and its software support, and not to engage in activities that are illegal or in breach of current regulations (such as damage to website content and prevention of proper use thereof by other Users).

The User is responsible for all content that they publish on the application, and its suitability for publication, that which is not considered suitable, among other things, the publication of illegal content which infringes the rights of third parties, is defamatory, non-constructive, false, incorrect, obscene, fosters inequality or promotes any type of slanderous, discriminatory, illegal or objectionable activity. The User is solely responsible for this and Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. may delete any content which infringes these regulations or that Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. deems unsuitable for publication, although this power does not imply any responsibility on the part of Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L., nor any obligation with regard to that published by the User. Anything published by User corresponds exclusively to their own opinions or remarks and Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. does not subscribe to any claims expressed by the Users.

Should you deem any content that can be accessed through the Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. application (including its computer and Mycook Club software) as illicit, please inform us of such through the indicated means as soon as you have knowledge of it.

Any information sent by the User will be considered as non-confidential and without industrial and/or intellectual property rights of any kind and will constitute a publication for the purposes of the regulations on industrial and intellectual rights. Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. and other users may disseminate, publish or reproduce that information, totally or partially, provided that the author and the place where it was originally published is mentioned.

The User shall not use the means at their disposal (websites, Mycook Club, software applications…) for commercial purposes. This prohibition shall not apply to those commercial services that may be directly proposed by Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L.

The User therefore agrees to compensate Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. (and its employees and partners) and to reimburse all damages, expenses, costs (including lawyers’ and solicitors’ fees) that may arise through lawsuits, claims, complaints or similar, as a consequence of the opinions or comments posted and published by the User in the applications or through any breach of the regulations established in these general terms of use. The User expressly disclaims any responsibility for Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. (and its employees and collaborators) in case of disputes or controversy between the users of the website.

Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. reserves the right to modify, replace, discontinue or terminate the publication of the website and other applications without prior notice and to restrict the use thereof to any person for any reason at its sole discretion. Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. accepts no obligation or liability with regard to the storage or publication of the content sent by the User and may delete or not publish any content posted by the User.

No hyperlink may be established to the Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. application without the express prior written authorisation of Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L.

Copyrights and trademarks

All copyright and other industrial and intellectual property rights to the content provided by Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. (including trademarks, logos, text, designs, graphics, images, maps, labels, distinctive signs, videos, sounds and the products themselves), as well as that contained within the said content and its design, frames, source code, objects, software, etc. used in the website and applications, are the property of Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L.

The modification, reproduction, communication, transformation or distribution of the contents of applications owned by Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. Shall not be permitted without the express written consent of said company.

By sending any information or material to this website or the applications, the User gives his/her express authorization so that, free of charge, Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. makes use of it, including dissemination, reproduction, transmission, publication, retransmission and sending.

Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. shall exercise all measures that assist it in case of infringement of the property rights of Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L.

Data security

Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. uses all nature of I.T resources necessary to guarantee the security of User data once collected and, in all cases, specific resources determined by the pertinent regulation in force. In cases where Users make use of chat, forums and similar tools, they should remember that the information provided under these circumstances is available to any other user, consequently they should be reserved with regard to the information that is disclosed when using these tools.


The Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. websites are designed and intended for those aged 18 or over. Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. requests parental supervision and control of their children while they are on-line.

Taurus Products and Services

The applications may contain references and data related to services and products which may not be available at certain times or within the User’s region. For further information about these services or products, the User may go to their nearest Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. centre or contact the company through the means indicated in this document.


Should a competent authority declare any provision within these terms of use invalid or void, this shall be replaced by whatever provision best matches the spirit and purpose of such, with the remaining provisions remaining valid and unchanged. Non-application or execution of these terms of use by Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. does not constitute a waiver of its rights, which may be exercised at any time, while the waiver of any specific right by Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. shall be regarded in the most restrictive possible manner, and this does not entail a waiver of any other rights or the exercise of this same right in other circumstances or occasions. The titles or headings given to each one of the sections in these terms of use have been provided to facilitate clarity of reading and do not alter or affect the interpretation thereof. The technical data and prices that appear on this website are correct, typographical error or omission excepted.


These Terms of Use and any relationship between the user and Electrodomésticos Taurus, S.L. shall be interpreted in accordance with Spanish law.