Mycook Touch represents a milestone in avant-garde Taurus cuisine, incorporating the smart cooking concept into its already popular Mycook food processors. Touch screen, built-in WiFi, interconnectivity, intuitive use ... Just some of its outstanding features that can be add to its induction cooker and other characteristics that highlight its unique Mediterranean style

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How does it work?

Mycook Touch is extremely intuitive but, if you need help, you can watch detailed videos for each process and function. These videos are also permanently available to you on our YouTube channel.

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Create your recipe and upload it via the web to the Mycook Cloud

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Prepare your recipe in \”Guided recipe mode\” and simply press play!

Your dish is ready. The smart way to cook.

Cooking of the future

  • All in one: multiple functions
  • With one click: 7” touch screen
  • Permenantly updated: recipes, news, software
  • Induction cooking up to 140º
  • Scale with 5 g precision
  • Three level cooking: jug, basket and large stainless steamer
  • 1600W
  • Maximum cooking temperature of 140ºC
  • Integrated Wi-Fi connection
  • Connectivity between devices
  • Integrated recipe guide
  • 7-inch touch control screen
  • Continuous updating of recipes
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Intuitive and easy to use

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