More and more men are placing greater importance on facial care. That's why shaving products have become essential. The razor is probably one of the most commonly used items, but perhaps the results don't quite convince the most perfectionists, and they think it's time to switch to an electric shaver. Which one is better? What's the difference?


Shaved with blade

The shaving with a blade is ideal for hard beards, normal skins and men who want a very hurried shave. In this system, gel, foam or cream have a fundamental role. And one of the big problems is skin irritation and the appearance of skin lesions during later days, especially if the skin is sensitive. Therefore, special care must be taken when using them and doing it with due softness.


Electricity or Electric razor Achieve a soft and effective shave. For example, Taurus electric razors, designed with floating head system, adapt to the contour of the face to obtain better results in less time and with less passes.

Electric shave that does not irritate your skin

In addition, the total curve technology of Taurus shave, with modern and ergonomic designs, incorporates swinging heads that adapt to the contour of the face easily reaching the most difficult areas such as the contour of nose, mouth and neck, avoiding possible irritations.

More effective shaving with less passes

The tilting heads of the Taurus shaving machines are equipped with ring blade blades that take care of your skin by cutting your beard in a deeper way, with less passed and in less time without the need for cables, allowing you to more agility while complete the shaving process.

File, for example, the model 3 Side Shave Plus With 3 Ring Blade stainless steel blades, in double -ring disk, for an effective shaving from the first pass, even with the shortest hair!

Get yours and look an ideal look, always adapted to your style!

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