Taurus Connect

A single app to control all your appliances

Download the Taurus Connect app and control your appliances from your smartphone when you want. Improve your use experience, optimize consumption and save energy with a simple click. Your house totally connected to Taurus Connect products!

Your home in your hand!

Imagine to be able to control all the appliances of your home from the same app: activate the vacuum cleaner if you are going to receive an unexpected visit, have the hot bath when you arrive to give you a quick shower, or ventilate the room in which you are going to do sports .. . All this and much more, you can do it with Taurus Connect products. Thanks to your app you will be able to enjoy a 100% connected house and control it from anywhere.

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Air conditioning with voice assistant


High Landscapes Connect

Purifier with voice assistant


Landscapes Connect Pro

Great purifier with voice assistant