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Enjoy your co -cooked food with Asteria. With its large plates of 28x22 cm and an opening of 180º, you can cook meat, fish and even heat or toast snacks and sandwiches in a very easy and comfortable way. In addition, Asteria saves you a lot of work including a practice tray picks up fats so as not to dirty your kitchen. Rich and easy dishes with asteria!

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2200W of power

Super fast warming all over the plaque, uniform cooking and double function: grill and roast iron. It has 180º Opening for cooking all kinds of aliens.


Regulates the power of the plates to get the desired cooking. The dimension of the plates is 29x22 cm.

Antiating coating

Asteria has an antiatling coating of 2 layers and is totally free of PFOA. In addition, their cold touch handle, the two luminous indicators, their non -slip feet and its tray collects fats will facilitate its use.


  • 2200W
  • 2 in 1: grill and roast iron
  • Large cooking plates of 28x22 cm of surface
  • Auto Adjustable upper plate
  • Luminous heating indicator
  • PFOA -free antiating coating
  • Town collects fats
  • Non -slip base
  • Opening of the 180º plates