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With the ground grain, to your liking, it provides delicious coffee with the maximum cream and the easiest and most effective way. For the little pleasures of each day. Without complications with the CM-1821 ESPEPRESSO CAFETERA.

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Cafetera, Cafetera expresso, Cafetera espresso, Cafetera Solac

Espresso coffee maker

ESPPRESSE CAFETER WITH ITALIAN PUMP OF 15 Pressure bars for coffee with all its aroma and intensity. It has a power of 850W and works with ground coffee. It has a heat tray in the upper part.

Cafetera, Cafetera expresso, Cafetera espresso, Cafetera Solac

2 stainless steel bugs

Incorporates 2 cachs of different size so you can perform 1 or 2 coffees at the same time.

Cafetera, Cafetera expresso, Cafetera espresso, Cafetera Solac

Extra Cream filter

It has a filter with extra Cream system at the coffee outlet that allows you to get coffee with abundant cream. The authentic espresso coffee with the CM-1821 coffee maker of Minimoka.


This Minimoka Espresso coffee maker has easy manipulation steam output tube that allows you to heat and foam milk quickly and easily.

Automatic primer

CM-1821 has a special valve for automatic and pressure safety priming.



  • 850W
  • Maximum working pressure pump 15 bar
  • Visible water level, 1.6l capacity
  • Vaporizizer to heat and foam milk
  • Fast warming
  • Automatic primer
  • Aluminum filters
  • 2 stainless steel bugs with built -in extram filter
  • Ground coffee and standard paper monodysis
  • Heat tray cups
  • Silent