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Enjoy the advantages of a grill and a roast plate in a single appliance with the new Etna Inox, of Taurus. With an opening of 180º, the grill becomes the easiest way into a roast plate offering twice as much of cooking and at the same time, minimizing the space occupied in your kitchen. It is perfect for cooking directly on the table and that each diner can cook their ingredients, controlling the cooking level.

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2 in 1 grill and roast iron

With an opening of 180º, the grill becomes a grill of roasting becoming an appliance 2 into 1 and occupying the minimum space in your kitchen.

Adjustable temperature

Adjustable temperature for each type of ingredient and cooking. Choose the perfect temperature for your vegetables, prawns and meats, so that your preparation is always optimal

Auto Adjustable upper plate

Upper plate that automatically adapts to each type of food. Maximum surface in contact with food for homogeneous cooking. 29x23cm plates that allow cooking a large number of ingredients at the same time.

2 -layer nonstick

It prevents food from getting hooked on the plates and facilitates cleaning. PFOA free to guarantee totally safe use of the grill and the best cooking surface for healthy cuisine.


  • 2200W
  • 2 in 1: grill and roast iron
  • Large cooking plates of 29x23 cm of surface
  • Auto Adjustable upper plate
  • Luminous heating indicator
  • 2 -layer antiatver and PFOA free
  • Town collects fats
  • Non -slip base
  • Opening of the 180º plates