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1700W power blender, to chop absolutely all foods, even the toughest like ice. The 1700W and the stainless steel 4 blades will allow you to obtain completely chopped, fine and homogeneous mixtures and beaters in one pass. Incorporates a progressive speed regulator so you can adapt the speed to the recipe you are making. It also includes a 1L meter glass in which you can chop what you want.
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Incredible 1700W power

An incredibly high and out of the common power that itchs everything. The HB1700X hand blender will allow you to obtain creams with fine textures, emulsified sauces, soft and light gazpachos, etc. In a record time. There will be nothing resist.

Progressive power regulator and turbo function

Thanks to its upper power regulator you can choose the speed you need at all times, the one that best suits the recipe you want to prepare. The turbo function that is activated by pressing a button, will give you an extra power when you need it.

High performance stainless steel blades

It incorporates high -performance stainless steel philosses. The blades are so sharp that they are able to chop everything in one pass. You can chop any food no matter how hard it is.

Ergonomic, removable and dishwasher suitable

The picador foot is disassembled with a simple doll rotation and can be washed in the dishwasher with total tranquility. The handle is ergonomic and adapts perfectly to your hand, avoiding doll discomfort and slippery.

Includes a 1L meter glass

This transparent meter vessel will allow you to beat and mix precise amounts within it. It is a perfect container to make mixtures of all kinds, such as sauces, concentrates, smoothies etc.


  • 1700W
  • Progressive speed regulator
  • Turbo function
  • 4 high stainless steel resistance blades
  • Anti splashes system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Detachable, for easy cleaning
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of the rod
  • High strength stainless steel rod
  • BPA -free Accessory and Accessory
  • Includes 1L meter vessel