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Clean and deodorize your home or office with the AP2050 air purifier of Taurus. Eliminate all types of contaminants effectively in rooms up to 80m2. It has triple filtration and its clean air delivery rate (CAD) is 350m3/h. Get a pure and clean air in your home or office, with Taurus air purifier. With sterilizing UVC lamps

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Great efficiency

Fully efficient air purifier that ends in a proven way with fungi, pathogens such as H1N1 (influenza or swine flu) and Staphylococcus albus. It has two integrated UVC lamps that will deactivate viruses and bacteria offering you a cleaner and pollutant air.

Great capacity

It is recommended for rooms up to 80m2. It offers 3 ventilation powers more automatic mode and guarantees a clean air delivery rate of 350m3/h. The timer is 8 hours with the possibility of programming it during the day.

Air quality

Incorporates a PM 2.5 sensor to have control of the particles of the environment that, through its air quality digital detector, will be coded by colors. Excellent blue, good green, medium orange and bad red.

Triple filtration

It incorporates a triple filtration system with prefilter, HEPA13 filter, with a retention of 99.95%, and a carbon filter that delivers pure, clean and smells during all the stations of the year. It also includes a filter replacement indicator at the time required.

Night mode and children's blockade

The purifier is ultra silent with 22db. Includes night mode to guarantee the best comfort purifying your room while sleeping. In addition, it has a child block that will block the selector panel.



  • 38w
  • Suitable for rooms up to 80m2
  • Triple Filtering system with prefilter, HEPA13, with a retention of 99.95%, and carbon filter delivers clean, pure air, without odors during all stations
  • Clean air delivery rate (CAD) is 350m3/h
  • It ends proven with fungi, pathogenic viruses such as H1N1 (influenza or swine flu) and Staphylococcus albus
  • 8 hours timer that allows you to schedule during the day
  • Color -encoded air quality digital detector with automatic purification function
  • Sterilizing UVC lamps
  • PM 2.5 air quality sensor for dangerous aerial particles control
  • 3 -speed ventilation choice plus automatic mode
  • Night mode with extra silent functioning for additional comfort
  • Ultra silent operation, 22db, ideal for night use
  • Filter replacement indicator at the time required
  • Child blocking function for additional security
  • Measures (width x high x bottom): 35 x 44.5 x 22 cm