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  • Elegant design with black and gold premium finishes
  • Barre, aspires, pass the mop and friendly
  • Elegantmove. Random and effective navigation thanks to proximity, antichhoche and antique sensors.
  • Uploads carpets up to 1.8 cm
  • Powerful engine with 1800 pa
  • 6 Cleaning Modes: Auto, random, perimeter, spiral, manual and return home
  • Water tank. Friege without filling the water tank. Return when water ends. Capacity: 300 ml of water and 250 ml of solid that allow scrub to 150 m2
  • Lithium Bateries with 90 minutes of autonomy
  • Slim Design. 7.6 cm high to clean under furniture
  • Week Program. Program The Cleaning Cycle for the whole week
  • All Floors. Clean all types of soils: tiles, carpets, marble, parquet and even Charge Terrazaut. Always prepared to clean. Return only to the load base when the task ends.
  • Remote Control. Remote control to control all the functions of the vacuum robot
  • Motorized central brush + 2 side brushes. Removable and washable
  • Removable and Washable Mapa
  • 2 deposits: 1 to aspire (with 450 ml capacity) and another to aspire and scrub
  • Includes cleaning brush
  • Triple Advance Filtration. EPA filter, sponge and anti bacteria filter