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800W -free sledpy vacuum cleaner and with a 18KPA suction power, so you can eliminate the dirt from your home in a single pass. The vacuum cleaner Homeland Cyclone includes cyclonic filtrate inside its deposit, creating an air cyclone that catches the smallest motorcycle of dust. It also includes a HEPA filter at air exit by returning a totally clean air outside.
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Cyclonic filtrate, which catches all dirt

The cyclonic filter circulates the air next to the dirt in the form of cyclone inside the filter, which is getting smaller, catching the dirt particles of different sizes in its path. Microscopic size particles are trapped in the HEPA filter that is included at the end of the route, at the exit abroad. With this, it is possible to catch all the dirt inside the tank, returning to an fully clean air.

Zapata Dual Pro Air

The sledpy vacuum cleaner Homeland Cyclone includes a switching shoe in two positions, the first for hard floors such as marble or tiles, and the second for delicate soils such as parquet. Thanks to its 800W power and its suction power of 18kpa the shoe adheres to the ground, sucking to the most embedded dirt and contributing brightness to the surface.

2L capacity deposit

Clean without limits, for all the time you need without to empty the tank every two by three. Its 2L capacity deposit allows you to aspire more than once without emptying the deposit. When you have to empty it you can do it cleanly, without your hands getting into contact with dirt.

Maximum autonomy

This bag without bag works connected to the electricity grid, so you will be able to use it during all the time you need to clean your home, without limitations of autonomy of the batteries or load times. Clean when you want, without waiting. Your cable is 5m and you can easily move it thanks to its large wheels.

A compact design

The design of the Cyclonic Cyclonic vacuum cleaner Cyclone has been optimized to the maximum, so although it seems small on the outside, it has a lot of capacity. You can save it in any closet without occupying too much space.



  • 800W engine
  • 18 kPa aspiration power
  • Cyclone + HEPA filtration system
  • Double output filter: foam + sponge
  • Dual Pro Air Switch Shoe
  • 78 dB
  • 2L deposit capacity
  • 5m cable
  • Automatic collectible
  • Action radio: 7.5m reaches all areas of the home.
  • Rubber wheels, soft with the ground.
  • Metal telescopic tubes up to 72cm
  • 184cm flexible vacuum hose
  • Parking position
  • Accessories: 2n1 brush