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The Taurus Horizon 60 electric oven allows you to bake, gratin, roast and cook your favorite dishes. Thanks to its 2000 watts of power and its capacity of 60 liters, you will have the opportunity to work quickly and high performance.
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Great capacity 60L

It makes it an ideal accessory if you are going to cook for several people. The interior includes several levels with adequate separation to introduce different trays and reduce cooking time.

Maximum power 2000W

His 2000 watts of power are suitable for preparing family meals. It has the ability to work up to 230 degrees, so it is a very resistant and compatible oven with demanding cooking recipes.

15 cooking modes

Among these functions, there is traditional cooking with convection, but also others to prepare more experimental recipes, such as gratin and rusting mode. The full cooking function allows you to combine different functions.

Stay-on function

This feature keeps the oven on with a stable functionality during the time that is programmed. It can be used in all types of food, being particularly recommended for those who are going to take longer.

Great visibility of the interior

The oven offers an All-Glass reinforced screen in rectangular format on its front, including light throughout the inner surface. It facilitates a clear vision of the inside of the oven during cooking.


  • 2000 w
  • 60 l of capacity
  • Great versatility, 15 cooking functions
  • 90 min timer
  • Acoustic warning
  • Temperature selector from 100 to 230ºC
  • Stay On. Cooking without timer
  • Oven from the oven antiquemaduras
  • Double glass door
  • Rotisserie accessories
  • Luminous temperature indicator