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LYSS 2300

LYSS 2300


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Get a faster drying and with an extra care with the Lysss 2300 taurus hair dryer. It will allow you to dry your hair quickly and daily thanks to its Daily Care system. Apart from your Easy & Safe system, it will provide easy drying and maximum hair care. Its 2200W power drying power will make you save time and get the ideal hairstyle with the minimum possible time and effort.

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The Lysss 2300 hair dryer has a high air flow of 100km/h that will dry your hair in a very short time.

Japanese technology

Motor with Japanese technology that provides extra quality and durability to the dryer. Ensures optimal performance over time. In addition, this dryer also has a removable filter that allows to keep the obstructions free.


The Lysss 2300 dryer has a ring in its handle so you can hang it where you want and with a light and ergonomic design that facilitates its use to the maximum.

For all types of hair.

It has 2 speeds and 3 temperatures, with a cold air blow effect which makes the heat in the hair not retain and quickly seal the hair cuticle thus avoiding the damage and fixing the hairstyle for much longer.


It has air concentrator to facilitate the straightening. It also has a ring to hang.


  • 2200W
  • 100km/h air speed
  • Japan Technology, optimal maintenance
  • Easy & Safe system, easy drying and extra care
  • 2 speeds and 3 temperatures
  • Cold air blow to fix the hairstyle
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning
  • Ring to hang
  • 1.80 cm cable
  • Includes concentrator