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The most pleasant mini a air. Get in a single click the maximum sensation of freshness and well -being. The mini evaporative air conditioner snowfield refresca, ventilates and humidifies the air of the environment, but, in addition, with its 7 colored lights, it offers an extra well -being and relaxation.

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Mini air conditioner

Snowfield Mini presents a 16x16x18cm mini design with USB cable. Ideal for desks, offices and to use anywhere without direct electric current, since you can connect it to any USB input such as laptop, PC or external batteries.

2 in 1

Choose the fan mode or air conditioning mode according to your needs. The mini cooler refreshes, ventilates and humidifies the air of the environment lowering its temperature. It has two removable and refrigerable deposits of 320 ml, 640 ml in total. Being able to put the deposits to the fridge is ideal to have the maximum freshness during use.

3 speeds

Low, normal and high power for all types of needs. With orientable lames and light operating indicators.

7 atmosphere lights

It presents 6 different colors of LED lights and 1 environment mode that combines the 6 colors. In total, 7 modes of ambient light. Ideal for a more complacent, attractive and relaxing environment.

High efficiency

It has an ultra efficient absorbent panel that gets a cold air for longer. Silent, maximum sound level of 44.26 DBA



  • 5W of power
  • Cooling system that ventilates, refreshes and humidifies the environment
  • 3 speeds
  • 2 Functions: Fan and air conditioner
  • Orientable lames
  • Environmental lighting in 7 colors
  • 2 removable and refrigerable deposits of 320 ml each
  • Ultra efficient bee panel grid and filter
  • Removable filter, easy cleaning
  • USB cable included
  • Silent: 44.26 DBA
  • Cable length: 95 cm
  • Compact design: 16 x 16 x 18 cm