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The Taurus Studio 2500 hair dryer has the latest generation technology to dry hair in the shortest possible time, but without damaging it. Its 2400 W of power achieve a satisfactory result for the user. With this hair dryer, you can modulate the temperature at any time. It has three different temperatures and two different speeds, from lower to higher power. 


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A quick drying

With this dryer you will have your dry hair in a matter of minutes. Thanks to its 2400 w of power, an air is emitted hot enough to remove moisture from thicker hair. It has two speeds to adapt the air power to your needs.

Folding and compact

This dryer can be taken to wherever you want. It has the ability to fold the handle to occupy half of its normal dimensions. In addition, it has a ring incorporated that will help you hang it in a bathroom hook and support it when you don't use it.

Very light

You will no longer hurt your arm when your hair dries and combs your hair. This model is made of very light materials to facilitate its support and management. This feature also allows you to transport it easily anywhere. For example, it will weigh little on your sport or trip.

Cold air blow

If you like to give that unique touch to your hairstyle, the cold air blow function is what you need. Once you finish with hot air, which can modulate with three different temperatures, cold air will fix your hair and give it greater brightness.

Removable filter

To increase the shelf life of your dryer, it has incorporated the ability to extract the filter. Thanks to this system, you can clean the device more easily. Eliminate any rest of dirt or retained hair that can damage the engine and have an impact on its operation.



  • 2400W max.
  • 2 speeds
  • 3 temperatures
  • Cold air blow
  • Folding mango
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Removable filter
  • Ring to hang