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Kitchen in a healthy way with the Steakmax 2200 Asar Electrica plate of Taurus. ASA all kinds of meats, fish and vegetables without using a drop of oil. The plate surface is large, 47 x 29 cm and with a high power of 2200W so you can cook countless recipes.

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Asar plate

Electric roast plate with a large cooking surface of 49 x 27 cm. Kitchen wide variety of food at the same time. Has a temperature regulator

Removable cable

It serves foods with the same plate to roast directly on the table without burning, thanks to its removable electric cable and its cold touch handles.

Antiating coating

It prevents food from sticking and guarantees very easy cleaning. Steakmax 2200 is suitable for cooking without anything or with very little oil. Kitchen in a healthy way.

Town collects fats

Collect the excess fat of food and allows cooking with fewer fumes and smells. It also helps to facilitate the cleaning of the roast plate.

Quality guarantee

Asar iron totally free of PFOA.



  • 2200W
  • 47x29 cm plate (for 4-6 diners)
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • PFOA -free antiating coating
  • Retains heat when turning it off, so you can finish cooking food on the table
  • Ideal for cooking all types of food: meats, fish and vegetables. Healthy kitchen
  • Ergonomic and cold touch handles
  • Town collects fats
  • Removable cable
  • Operating LED indicator
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to store
  • Non -slip feet